Founded by Virgil Abloh in 2017, ALASKA ALASKA’s output moves within the disciplines of Art, Graphic Design, Product Design, Spatial Design, and its intersections. From the brief contributions to more complex engagements across all disciplines, the studio’s interests oscillate between the artist website to long lead corporate engagements, in which we believe the most meaningful and impactful work can take place.

Each enterprise commences with research and careful consideration and analysis of connected audiences, contexts, and collaborators.

Our output is reflective of a deep understanding of subject matter and production processes. In every outcome, the studio’s primary aim is to produce work that is led by intentionality, actualising output that fulfils the visual and contextual objectives while maintaining a free-flowing methodology rooting the work within the now.

The London-based studio, whose foundation was built through the teaching and rhetoric of Virgil Abloh, diligently works to continue the ethos of its former founder.


For work and studio related enquiries please email address below.
[email protected]

For portfolio submissions ([email protected]) due to the high volume of emails we won't be able to address all enquiries.

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